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sul suo profilo instagram una lettera per l'Italia


L'attrice ha voluto farci sentire il proprio sostegno, raccontando del suo primo viaggio in Italia nel 1991.

Racconta di aver visitato Venezia e Roma, e in un altro viaggio  di aver visitato anche il Sud Italia con «la sua natura selvaggia, il cibo incredibile e il buon cuore».

A legarla all'Italia ci sono anche degli avvenimenti molto importati, coma la morte di suo padre (avvenuta a Roma durante un viaggio) e il viaggio di nozze con Brad Falchuk  «l’Italia è un luogo in cui torniamo ancora e ancora». Ad accompagnare il post c'è anche un bellissimo video, che mostra scorci della Toscana e l'attrice che sorseggia un caffè, passeggia in un vigneto e poi impasta la farina.

Gwyneth Paltrow conclude la sua lettera incoraggiandoci a resistere in questo momento di difficoltà e ricordandoci ancora una volta di restare a casa.

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My first trip to Italy was at the end of 1991. I had miraculously booked a TV movie that would start in the new year, so I quit my job at the fish restaurant in Santa Monica, borrowed money from my agent, and hopped on a plane. I met up with a college friend and we traversed the north on trains, spending Christmas with some family friends who were nonetheless strangers, and ending up in Venice. My next trip there was a few years later, when we moved to Rome to start preproduction on The Talented Mr. Ripley. I spent months succumbing to the delicious wildness of the south, with its incredible food and warm-hearted entropy. As it’s transpired, I have had some of life’s most profound happenings occur in Italy: My father died in Rome when we were on a road trip for my thirtieth birthday; Brad proposed to me in Umbria in 2017. Italy is a place we return to over and over. It is a country that believes deeply in the artisan, the family, the handmade, slow-grown quality of its goods. We make our G. Label clothing in its factories and, as it turns out, stock up on its low-temp-dried pasta, Neapolitan tomatoes, and fragrant olive oil during times at home. When this crisis started, we held Italy, China, South Korea, Iran, and the other countries affected in our prayers, and now we have all followed suit. Each of these places has shown us what strength, resilience, and community can do during these surreal times, strictly restricting movement, with some even singing from their balconies. I wish for all of us to heed these very real warnings so that this unprecedented crisis might pass quickly. Stay home. Make pasta. FaceTime your grandma. We will get through this.

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